About us - Vierin family


For almost 60 years the Vierin family has been cultivating and taking care of the farmstead of St. Benin, in the municipality of Pollein, a quiet village near Aosta. With the advent of the new generations, new projects are taking off. We all decided together to create a farmhouse to enhance the products of the company and to recover the last part of the farmhouse that needed to be restored.

This is how in the summer of 2008 the renovation works began: the old house has been almost completely demolished in order to build the six rooms for a total of sixteen beds. A beautiful dining room, a modern and completely equipped kitchen and a room for tastings complete our farmhouse that we decided to call "La Reina".

What is a "reina"? Literally it means "queen", the cow that prevails over the herd. Our family has always raised "brown" cows, a typical breed of our region, the so called "reines": these cows have a combative instinct, they fight each other to determine the hierarchies within the herd and the strongest will burn the best grass and will be the first to drink the water of the fountain. This combative instinct has led to the creation of competitions called "Batailles de Reines", battles of the queens, a circuit of twenty qualifying rounds that take place throughout the year in different locations of Aosta Valley. The winners of these eliminatory qualify for the regional final that occurs in autumn, and our family since 1958 (year in which these fights were born) participates in the regional final qualifying over the years almost two hundred cows and succeeding in achieving twelve times the prestigious final victory.

We are an excellent starting point to visit the whole Aosta Valley: located in a central area, at most in 30/45 min you can reach every lateral valley or tourist zone. The city of Aosta is 4 km away, which can be reached by car or - during the day, except Sunday - by a bus that passes every half an hour. We are an ideal base also for those who want to visit the castles or Roman monuments. Pollein is a village on the edge of Aosta, 600 meters above sea level.

Here you can enjoy the peace and the quiet of the countryside, with all the comforts. Nearby there are several opportunities to enjoy yourself: swimming pool, skating, golf, bicycle land, children's playground, bowling, cinema, theatre. 30 km away you can find the famous "Terme di Pré St. Didier", excellent for relaxing and spending a nice day. For those who love nature there are many walks in our valleys, from the easiest ones to the most challenging alpine trails.

All these activities and locations are easily reachable by car in a short time. For those who love adventure there are beautiful adventure parks, mountain bike tours or descents along the river with Rafting, Hydrospeed and Canoeing. During winter season the ski slopes are very close: the lift that leaves for Pila is only 3 km from us, meaning 5 minutes by car. Other ski slopes, such as Cervinia, La Thuile and Crevacol, can be reached in 30/40 minutes at most.

During summer you can also visit our mountain pasture located in Vetan in the municipality of Saint Pierre, 2000 meters above sea level, to get a first-hand view of our reality made of work and passion. You can watch the milking and see the animals grazing. At the farm you will find smaller animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, ponies and cats. During your stay you can also visit our farm to live a truly unique experience!